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Zinc-enriched rice sees successful farming

by Azibor Rahman, Jhenidah - published in The Daily Star (net edition), 29 January 2015

The Bangladesh Rice Research Institute has invented a new zinc-enriched boro paddy rice that will play a vital role in fighting zinc and protein deficiency and will be especially helpful  to prevent and treat diarrhea and pneumonia in children.

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Hunger Games: India must ensure that every child receives the opportunity to lead a healthy life

by Ashi Kathuria, Senior Nutrition Specialist at World Bank India - published in Financial Chronicle, 19 January 2015

India’s high malnutrition burden is a cause of concern at the highest levels. The country’s malnutrition rates are two to seven times higher than those in other BRICS nations, and the rate of decline has been far from satisfactory. The good news is that there appears to be serious commitment and urgency to address this long-standing challenge: ...

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Zinc to stop pneumonia

6 December 2013: Zinc can 'starve' one of the world's most deadly bacteria that causes pneumonia and meningitis, by preventing its uptake of an essential metal, scientists have found. The finding , by researchers at the University of Adelaide and the University of Queensland, paves the way for designing antibacterial agents against Streptococcus pneumonia which is responsible for one million deaths a year …

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Maternal and Child Nutrition

Executive Summary of The Lancet Maternal and Child Nutrition Series

Nutrition is crucial to both individual and national development. The evidence in this Series furthers the evidence base that good nutrition is a fundamental driver of a wide range of developmental goals. The post-2015 sustainable development agenda must put addressing all forms of malnutrition at the top of its goals.”

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Ghana Health Service

Zinc and ORS Awareness TV Spot

In June 2012, the Ghana Health Service and SHOPS launched a major communication campaign to increase the awareness of caregivers about the new WHO/UNICEF-recommended diarrhea treatment with zinc and ORS and to promote correct use of those treatments. This TV advertisement was developed for the campaign by the SHOPS project in collaboration with the Johns Hopkins University Center for Communication Programs.



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Zinc Helps Fight Infant Infections



Spoonful of Zinc Can Save Countless Developing-World Kids



Everything but the kitchen zinc

by Mathura Thevaraja,The McGill Daily - Published on January 19, 2012

Individuals as varied as political and economic leaders, undergraduate students, and community-based service providers are increasingly recognizing the value in understanding global health challenges and their solutions.
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"Not just calories" - People also need the right nutrients
A special report on feeding the world

February 24, 2011
“PROVIDING the quantity of calories is manageable,” says Joachim von Braun of the University of Bonn. “The big issue is nutrition.” In the past 30 or 40 years diets have improved. There are now proportionately fewer malnourished people in the world than there used to be (though the absolute number is high and rising).
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An Elemental Solution: Using Zinc to Stave Off Childhood Diarrhea in Developing Countries
by Katherine Harmon - November 3, 2009
Childhood diarrhea can be a tricky public health issue. Not only is it an unpleasant subject to discuss, but eradicating it, especially in poorer nations, can often mean expensive infrastructure projects and bigger battles than many strapped governments can take on.
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  Think Zinc - A Healthy Option
BBC Documentary - September 30, 2009
Zinc is an essential element for all forms of life. it is now taking on the second biggest killer of children globally through chronic diarrhea.


Diarrhea: The Great Zinc Breakthrough
by Vivienne Walt/Sogola - August 17, 2009
It is hard to grasp the impact diarrhea has on people's lives acress Africa and Asia. The disease kills more children than either malaria or AIDS, stunts growth, and forces millions - adults and children alike - to spend weeks at a time off work or school, which hits both a country's economy and its citizens' chances of a better future.

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The Hidden Hunger
by Nicholas D. Kristof - May 23, 2009
The most heartbreaking thing about starving children is their equanimity. They don't cry. They don't smile. They don't move. They don't show a flicker of fear, pain, or interest. Tiny, wizened zombies, they shut down all nonessential operations to employ every last calorie to stay alive.

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